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about us

Quick and painless - that's our approach to solving your problems. We do this by focusing on three simple things: putting clients' needs first, providing efficient and experienced representation, and ensuring that cost and value are perfectly aligned.

Client-First Problem Solving

We believe that our clients are at their best when they can focus on their lives and businesses without being distracted by legal issues.  When problems do arise, we thrive on making then go away as swiftly and painlessly as possible. We don't waste time trying to prove we are the smartest people in the room by raising issues that aren't necessary, and we don't draft documents that are impossible to interpret or that are loaded up with legal mumbo jumbo. Instead, we take the time to understand how each issue fits into our clients’ businesses and lives, we draft documents in as simple and straightforward a manner as the circumstances allow, and we raise issues and problems only when they actually matter (and when we do raise issues, we offer solutions for making them go away).  Our goals when representing any client are to remove barriers to success, to simplify complex issues, and to solve problems quickly and efficiently. We achieve these goals by approaching each matter from the client's perspective rather than treating it like a law school exam. In doing so, we get better, faster results. This is a good thing. 


Efficient Experience

Law firm economics defy the concept of economies of scale. In the legal industry, bigger often means slower, less customized, and more expensive representation. We formed FS&D to offer a better alternative....highly efficient, super-customized representation at a great value. We can do this because we are brutally efficient in how we staff our office and structure a matter, and because we enthusiastically embrace new technology and the benefits it offers. This makes us accessible to our clients almost anywhere in the world, streamlines the production process of legal work, and eliminates unnecessary excesses often found in larger, less nimble law firms. On top of that, we love getting our hands dirty and doing the legal work ourselves. We do not push work down to armies of inexperienced lawyers looking to learn their trade on their clients' dimes. Instead, we bring our extensive experience to bear on every matter we take, and if we need to brush up on an area of law, we do that on our own time. You get high quality, efficiently-delivered attention every time. This, too, is a good thing.


Fees that Make Sense

We understand that predictability and value play important roles in our clients’ business plans, and we believe that our clients are entitled to a predictable fee structure that aligns the cost of our services with the value those services bring to each client. We do this by having up front conversations with our clients about their expectations and goals, and ensuring that the services we provide - and what we charge for them - will advance those expectations and goals. We encourage and support a wide array of fee structures, from flat fees to hourly billing and everything in between, so that value and service are perfectly aligned. And if for some reason they aren't, we welcome suggestions to make them aligned. Yet another good thing.   

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