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Lawyer, Rabble Rouser, Coach

Jeff Selser

Office: 207.536.4666
Mobile: 207.332.9110


Listed in Chambers: Best Lawyers for Business (Real Estate: Timberlands & Conservation),

Best Lawyers in America

and Super Lawyers



Law School: University of Richmond

Undergrad: Old Dominion University


Bar Admissions:




Public Service:

Northeast Hearing & Speech, Inc.

  • Director (2001-present)

  • President (2005-present)

South Portland School District

  • Board Member (2011-2012)

Greater Portland Landmarks

  • Trustee (2005-2011)

  • Advisory Trustee (2011-present)



Dirt. That word sums up Jeff’s law practice. If it grows from dirt (such as trees, crops, office buildings, houses, giant bean stalks, and the like), is built on dirt, involves developing or conserving dirt, or otherwise is associated with dirt, then it falls into Jeff’s legal experience bucket. Jeff has a national (and international) timber, agriculture and conservation practice, a regional real estate/land use practice, and a local soccer practice (which does involve dirt, but very seldom involves complicated legal issues). 


Jeff represents clients on deals all across the United States and Latin America, and has negotiated and closed many of the nation’s largest land transactions. Although Jeff’s clients include some of the country’s biggest landowners, he also represents people who own much less dirt in more locally-oriented projects, such as the purchase and sale of family farms and woodlots, negotiation of commercial leases, resolution of title issues and boundary disputes, creation of conservation easements and mitigation banks, and other real estate and land use matters.


Jeff also has significant experience in wind power development, frequently representing both landowners and wind energy producers in structuring wind leases, easements, and other operational agreements, as well as permitting grid-scale and community-based projects.


Jeff is proud to be a dirt lawyer, but please don't confuse that with being a dirty lawyer (which is something else entirely). Quite the contrary: Jeff takes a results-oriented approach to solving client problems, always keeps his clients’ goals in mind when working through legal issues, and strives to bring reason and common-sense to the practice of law.


Outside of the law, Jeff is active in his community as a soccer and lacrosse coach, and is involved heavily in local civic activities and issues - often serving in the vital role of general rabble-rouser. He has a (questionably) healthy obsession with soccer; a love of hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, and other outdoor, nature-based activities; and a weakness for chocolate. Luckily, his family shares these interests, and Jeff often is seen dashing off in pursuit of these activities with his lovely and (mostly) tolerant wife, two energetic and insanely-talented daughters (they get it from their mother), and duo of high-spirited dogs (one a galumphing hound-like beast, the other a freakish mix of unidentifiable canine breed, race horse, and African honey badger).

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