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problem solvers

At Fletcher, Selser & Devine, our mission is to help businesses and people with their legal problems, give really good advice, and otherwise make things better and easier for our clients.

who we are

who we are

firm founders

Bill Fletcher

Lawyer, Bean Counter, Sailor


Bill's practice involves lots of numbers and regulations that, quite frankly, are beyond the scope of most mortals.


Jeff Selser

Lawyer, Rabble Rouser, Coach


Jeff's work spans two continents and gazillions of dollars in transactions, but he's there when you need him for local deals, too.

John Devine

Lawyer, Developer, Golfer


John's career has taken him into the darkest corners of government, and he's lived to tell the tale; now he makes deals happen and dreams come true.

where we've worked
we've worked

34 states, 6 countries, and counting...

what we do

we don't do everything; but the things we do, we do really well

Commercial Real Estate

Office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, industrial name it, we've worked on it.

Timber, Agriculture & Conservation

Trees, crops, and dirt: from the largest timber deals to the smallest family farms....we've got you covered.

Real Estate Project Development

Got a project you want to develop? We're here to help you get your ideas in the ground and on the market. 

Commercial Lending and Finance

It takes money to make money. If you are borrowing or lending funds to make things happen, we'll help with the details.


One wrong step, and your publicly-financed project just fell off a cliff. We'll make sure you stay on the right path.

Business &

Your business is your livelihood. We can help your deals flow smoothly so you can rest easy at night.

Residential Real Estate

Your home is your castle...we'll help you make sure your palace is secure.

General Problem Solving

Got a problem? Chances are we can help you find a solution...we are really good at that sort of thing.

how to find us

drop by, call, email, or post... 

we're always happy to connect

what we do
how to find us

things we've done

just a sample of some of the really cool things we've been working on for our clients

things we've done

industry recognitions

We feel the best indicator of how well we serve our clients is how often our clients come back to us. As it turns out, our clients come back quite a bit, and our favorite kind of praise is when a client returns for help with another problem, or refers a friend or colleague. That makes us super happy. So, we aren't really sure how much weight anyone should give an industry rating or ranking service, but there are a bunch of them for lawyers and law firms. To the extent those matter, and since it is always nice to get a friendly pat on the back from an outside source, we are pleased to be listed as a top tier firm by all of the major rating services (Chambers Best Lawyers for Business; U.S. News & World Report; Best Lawyers In America; SuperLawyers). We even have some fancy acrylic plaques in our lobby - come by and see them some time. Also, we are the only firm in the world that is listed in Best Boutique Law Firms With an Onsite Espresso Machine and Overlooking Portland's Historic Exchange Street. While it's true that we maintain that listing service ourselves and the selection criteria is highly subjective, we still are proud of the award and stand firmly behind its legitimacy. We can't show you an acrylic plaque for that one, but we can brew you up a mighty fine cup of espresso. Come by for a sample some time. 

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